EVOS Esports was formed in 1st September 2016 starting off with a Dota division. After achiving minor success in the PC Title, the team started to branch off into other games and Mobile Legends was born. The team picked up Team Lord initially and had good success in small competitions. After tired of losing out in big tournaments, the team went through a big roster swap, picking up young starlets, JessNoLimit & Oura. From there the team started to gain traction, most notably finishing 2nd place in the first ever MPL. Then soon after, EVOS took home 2nd place again in the following season. EVOS would face a big obstacle after failing to their lowest ever placing, 8th, causing the team to kickstart a whole new roster revamp. The new roster had a good mix of experienced veterans like Donkey & Oura while also recruited new players of like Luminaire & Wannn to spark a different perspective to the team. From there, the team had managed to find great success, finishing top seed at MPL Regular Season 4 and ultimately beating RRQ in the Grand Finals to lift the first ever championship. EVOS was able to continue the momentum by bringing home the first ever World Championship in Kuala Lumpur. Now EVOS is back again for Season 5, hungry to be the first ever back to back MPL winner, creating a new outlook of history.


  • M1 World Championship - 1st Place
  • MPL Indo S4 - 1st Place
  • MPL Indo S1 - 2nd Place
  • MPL Indo S2 - 2nd Place
  • MPL Indo S3 - 8th Place