KINGS Esports

Started from a hobby of playing games, our founders raimond, s.sos was very keen in making a strong e-sports team and ultimately formed a team named KINGS ESPORTS. The name KINGS was chosen to imply that this team is where the KINGS (great players) played. Our very first roster was of MLBB players that went on to play on MDL Season 1 and placed 3rd. From here on, we began to develop our core and better our facilities and media presence, and that’s where we began to branch out to other games where we acquired two rosters, both PUBGM and Free Fire from Louvre E-Sports. In less than 6 (six) months we grew faster than ever and managed to get into the top league of two different games which are FFIM and PMPL where we got into the top 5 team in Indonesia. With our growth we are planning to open our own KINGS Management which is a talent management company that will start operating in January 2021


  • 3rd Place NIMO STAR BATTLE
  • 1st Place Goodday Wellplayed s2 2020
  • 1st Place Hebat Esports Tournament 2020
  • 1st place FIRST WARRIOR 2020 (region outside java & bali)
  • 1st Place YGEC 2020 enemies and become the champion